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Our Production

SENSORE Electronic places the highest value on precision and quality in production. This is why many quality-relevant process steps are automated or partially automated.
Amperometric Oxygen Sensor
  • Measuring range 10 ppm to 96% oxygen

  •  In many cases “Single point calibration“ necessary only once

  • Little interference with other gases

Potentiometric Oxygen Sensor
  • Operating temperatures up to 350°C (ambient temperature)

  • Oxygen sensor for harsh conditions (especially condensation moisture)

  • Oxygen range: 1mbar -250mbar (0,1%~25% O2 at standard atmosphere)

General Sensor Board
  • Sensor interface card for direct integration into customer application

  • External power supply voltage: 12Vdc (possible range 6-25Vdc)

  • Custom firmware

Compact Sensorbord
  • Compatible with O2 sensor types SO-zz-xxx

  • Supply voltage 12Vdc

  • Output signal 0-5Vor 4-20mA according to O2 concentration

  • Microprocessor-controlled

  • Temperature control of sensor element (no influence of medium temperature on output signal)

  • Input voltage 7-30 VDC or 6 VDC (optional)



In addition to the various types of sensors, SENSORE-Electronic also offers electronic modules in different versions to optimise sensor operation.

As far as possible, both the sensors and the electronic modules can be modified and customised according to customer requirements.

If it is not possible to optimally fulfil customer requirements by modifying the existing products, customer-specific development of electronic components is possible at any time.

Different housing designs are available for all sensor types, depending on the application and requirements.

Electronic modules

Depending on requirements, SENSORE Electronic GmbH offers different types of electronic modules, which differ in design (wired or SMD) and in the type of sensor operation (temperature-controlled heating or constant voltage operation).