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About Us 

Welcome to Sensore Electronic GmbH! We are a leading manufacturer of high-precision sensors for industrial applications based in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

Our Manufacturing 

SENSORE Electronic places the highest value on precision and quality in production. For this reason, many quality-relevant process steps are automated or partially automated.

The central production facility for the manufacture of sensors is a continuous melting furnace. With the help of this furnace, individual sensor components are sintered or, depending on the work step, melted gas-tight. The temperature curve in the continuous furnace is set and maintained very precisely to the desired temperature values using special control mechanisms.

Our History 

  • 2010: Sensore Electronic founded as a management buyout from Electrovac AG.
  • 2011: ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2012-2014: Development of a moisture-resistant potentiometric sensor and other highly precise electronic modules
  • 2015: Commencement of development of a sensor module for security applications (SIL Level II)
  • Current number of employees: 12


Our Certification

At SENSORE Electronic, precision and quality are of the utmost importance in our production process. That's why we have automated or partially automated many of the quality-related steps.

A key production facility in sensor manufacturing is our continuous melt furnace. This furnace is used to sinter individual sensor components or melt them into a gas-tight state, depending on the work process.
The temperature curve in the continuous furnace is precisely adjusted and maintained at the desired temperature values through specialized control mechanisms.



The core competences of SENSORE Electronic GmbH in the field of sensor manufacturing include:

  •  Semi automated, high quality oxygen sensor production located in Austria

    • Standard electronic boards for optimised sensor operation
    • High precision in house calibration
    • Customized modifications of electronic boards
    Life tests 
    • Sensor life tests under standardized environmental conditions
    • Customized life test procedures for different applications
    Product development 
    • Ongoing development of our product portfolio
    • Customized development of sensor design (mounting flange, housing, electrical connections, hose connections, ..)
    • Customized electronic module development
    High quality sensor and material analysis with SEM (scanning electron microscope)

Additional SENSORE Electronic GmbH has excellent skills in the field of design and manufacturing of production equipment for mass production of any kind of product.

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